The City of 1000 Islands, Brockville is located in the Thousand Islands region, within Leeds & Grenville County, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River directly opposite Morristown, NY, about half-way between Cornwall in the east and Kingston in the west and a little over an hour’s drive south of the nation’s capital, Ottawa. Brockville is one of the oldest cities in Ontario and is named after the British general Sir Isaac Brock. This area of Ontario was first settled in 1785 by hundreds of American refugees who later became known as United Empire Loyalists for their political position on the side of King George III during the American War of Independence. Today’s Brockville enjoys a thriving Tourism Industry including St. Lawrence River tour boats offers scenic trips on the river. The Brockville area is the launching point for some of the best fresh-water wreck diving in the world. Numerous sunken ships have been discovered below the waters of the St. Lawrence and a number of dive operators with fully equipped boats are ready to take divers to these sites. Brockville also offers excellent boating resources, with a large, deep-water municipal marina, a yacht club and several commercial marinas. Just upstream on the mighty St. Lawrence River is the Brockville Islands group, which contain some city island parks, and an island park belonging to the St. Lawrence Islands National Park system.